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My Big Cousin

Here is me and my big cousin Tom together many years ago. My most treasured memories of Tom are from when we used to meet up in the summer holidays whilst younger. We used to play/mess about/get up to mischief and Tom was the best person i knew at finding new ways to amuse ourselves on those [...]

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A Budding Young Cricketer

Here is Tom enjoying a spot of cricket in Nan & Grandad’s back garden. Most likely during one of those many great days we spent during the summer holidays.

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A perfect day in San Francisco on the Pacific highway with Tom and Bogdan

This was probably the best of the many days I spent with Tom. Characteristically, it involved a clear starting point followed by an increasingly vague itinerary. There were no major incidents or scrapes, but the whole day was bathed in a wonderful laconic light that Tom seamed capable of bringing to any venture.     [...]

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after eleven

  Friday night philosophy at the Phoenix Artist Club, 2009

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Beer and beards

Notwithstanding his questionable beard, and the alopecia that dogged its early months, Tom was in the prime of his life when cruelly taken from us. I count him as one of my closest friends since we met in London in 2001, and alas the greatest anecdotes I would have about him were lost forever as soon as he bought me that sixth pint [...]

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Kentish delight

This was one of those inevitable mistakes en route from the Boogaloo to Daniel’s house at the end of a night.  But it reminds me of Tom once saying he’d decided only to eat the parts of an animal he didn’t recognise.  I loved Tom’s sweeping resolutions as much as his throwaway comments.  He grinned [...]

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Fancy a quick pint?…

…that was the usual opening line of the email that me or Tom would send almost on a weekly basis. Our loose routine would be to meet up at Bradleys for a couple, head down to the Toucan off Soho Square for another one, then make our way South to Charing Cross, stopping off at the either The Ship and Shovel [...]

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Punch & Judy

Tom, myself, Sarah & Colin with Nan & Grandad standing behind us. We were watching a Punch & Judy show in Williamson Square, Liverpool. We’re all looking a little scared, apart from Tom who is looking calm and suitably amused. What can I say about Tom that hasn’t already been said. I am completely devastated, and [...]

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Sunday at Filthy’s

I am not sure what Tom is demonstrating here that has Daniel so scared.  I’m also not sure whether this picture was taken a long time ago or at a later beardless interlude.  But it’s definitely a Sunday afternoon and it’s definitely outside Filthy McNasty’s.  The last time I was there was on another Sunday [...]

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Tom at Kew Gardens – July 30th 2007. We were there for Cathy’s language group day out, with Alex, Jenny, Alice, David, Marcia, Ferath, Mohamed, Manolo. Beautiful day.

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