Memories of Tom

Walking next to him in the rain him taller talking about work, where we were going next and stopping to buy Regals at the newsagents in Soho
Falling out for a couple of years when we were 20 over something I can’t really remember and that we never talked about after.
Meeting him drunk outside the Odeon in Leicester square on his birthday then going for some more drinks.
Watching him with admiration when he challenged a London tour guide about his knowledge on where Charles Dickens lived
Being at the front of the line carrying his coffin
Helping bury him at the Liverpool road cemetery
Crying when he died and drinking a bottle of wine the night I heard
Going off menu and eating 100 year old egg in Chinatown
Him cooking an overcooked partridge at my house and me pretending to enjoy it
Being annoyed he never had a mobile phone for ages
Thinking he was good looking and clever
Sharing my small bedroom at home when we were 16 after a night out at Manhattans
Reading books and lending me books
Going to see Laura Viers and asking for the money based on how he ranked the performance
Meeting him the day after Wilson was born, driving home, having a beer, watching an Elvis impersonator and giving him a hug
Him writing on Amazon posting fake reviews of autobiographies
Joking that we were going to write a guide to “Life after being a celebrity” feat. Bernie Clifton & Keith and Orville
Feeling proud of him when I saw him talking to my other friends
Both of us getting jealous if other people were impacting on our night out
Him seeing me off to the train at Charing Cross after we had been out
He would get pokey when he got drunk
Watching comedy on telly and laughing at my old house
Telling me I had a “nice set up going on” the last time I saw him
Feeling sad that his last text message had self-deleted
Being a constant
Rubbish with money and always had coins in multiple pockets
Saying “Don’t you worry about me sunshine”


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  1. Raquel Beltran says:

    Lovely memories…

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